Monday, April 26, 2010

In the Mail ... Finally!

Invitations are finally in the mail! I know it's terribly late (considering the wedding is less than six weeks away) but we sent out save the dates, so it's ok, right? :-\

Anyway, they're on their way out the door with super awesome postage because of their "oversized-ness" and the only extra postage they had was an awesome looking ram. It's glorious and gets the job done! :)

Now we just have to cross off all the other things on the list, but at least a big one is done!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Bands

On Saturday, Eddie and I went to Green Lake Jewelry Works where Eddie had my engagement ring custom designed, to order our wedding bands! Eddie already had my band designed and tested (in a green plastic mold) but we had not yet officially ordered it. My engagement ring is a bit big on me and so I wanted to have it re-sized a little before the wedding band was made so that they would fit together well. After much debate and going back and forth with the sales assistant I finally decided on a size for the ring. I then handed my engagement ring over to them to re-size, which I wont get back until this coming Saturday. Once my engagement ring is re-sized the wedding band will be re-cast in the green plastic and if we're happy with it, it'll be cast in the white gold to match the engagement ring.

My ring on my hand after Eddie proposed in Paris.

A close-up of the engagement ring.

Eddie was a bit quicker in picking out his wedding band. We decided to go with a basic titanium band with beveled edges. It's pretty sleek and cool looking and very "Eddie." When we were looking for the rings we both gravitated toward the same one so we knew it must be the right "one" for him. It was a pretty simple process for him and not to mention a lot cheaper than the process of getting my rings. Eddie likes to tell me that I have it easy when it comes to buying his ring. Eithe way, I'm excited to see BOTH of the finished products!

I'm also quite anxious to have my engagement ring back. It feels so strange not to be wearing it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bridal Shower and Daphne

Last weekend, my maid of honor, Ashley, and her mother threw me a bridal shower down in Portland, Oregon! It was quite fun to hang out with my friends, some of who I hadn't seen in awhile. My mom had not planned to come to this shower and at the last minute changed her mind. It was great to have her there to hang out with my friends as well and meet some people she hadn't met before! On our way back to Seattle we stopped and saw my brother (who lives in Portland) which was great as I hadn't seen him in awhile as well.

All in all, it was a great day, just very long! I think I did a total of about 8 hours of driving and was gone from my apartment for over 12 hours!
Me with my new apron, courtesy of my mother.

I came home to Eddie's dog, Daphne, eagerly waiting for her dinner and to be let out to use the bathroom. Eddie was down in Nevada for the week helping my aunt and uncle with a motocross race. Daphne and I did pretty good for our first real one-on-one adventure together, which is a lot to say for me. As some of you may know, I am not really an animal person, let alone a dog person, so the week had it's challenges, but she and I both survived. Eddie has since reclaimed her and I now only have a few more weeks of freedom until I officially gain this furry little roommate.


I am excited to say that the invitations are 99% completed and just about ready to go out the door. There are only two things holding me back from this.
1. I ran out of paper to print the directions and hotel information on so I had to order more - it should be here by Monday
2. Eddie and I need to address and stamp everything

I hope to have the invitations mailed by Wednesday. I think this is a reasonable goal - especially since I am delinquent in sending them out!

I have been working hard on them the last two weeks though and am pleased with the final result. I hope you all enjoy them too!