Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Story

I imagine that who don't know already are quite curious to hear how Eddie and I met, so I will fill you in on the details (at least from my perspective - Eddie may have to provide his side of things later).

In late 2008 I was told about personal ads on craigslist. Two people had told me that they had posted ads in hopes of meeting someone. I have always thought that personal ads were a little silly especially for young people living in a thriving urban area and I told these two people just that. My curiosity however was sparked and I started browsing the craigslist personal ads on occasion when I was in need of a break at work or a good laugh. I had no real intention of ever responding to any of them, but just perused them for amusement.

Well, as you can imagine (or may already know) I ended up responding to one and began e-mailing with a seemingly nice guy named Eddie. I told him I was planning to leave for Europe in three months and that my intentions were simply to meet new people. I assumed that even if I did hit it off with him, he wouldn’t be interested in starting something since I was leaving.

As it turns out we Eddie and I had a lot in common and began to e-mailed each other pretty frequently. The e-mails quickly became short novels and after about a week and a half we moved on to the next "natural" phase of online dating, which of course was to become Facebook friends. A few days later that was followed by the exchanging of phone numbers which led to several late night phone conversations.

Finally, after much anticipation on my end, Eddie asked if I would want to meet in person. He had just ran his first marathon and was motivated by the sermon he heard at church that evening. I think I shocked him when I agreed to meet him, especially since it was 11:45pm on a Sunday night! None the less, we met and had our first date at a bar in Ballard (Seattle) called Kings Hardware.

After several dates over the following few weeks, amidst Eddie’s random hiking trips and a vacation to Chicago, we decided to make things official. It was a pretty cute, but very cheesy moment, which seems to be a trend for our relationship. In the months that followed he and I took a road trip to Vegas so that I could meet his family. He also met my parents and was "interrogated" by my parents (really just my mother) and we started to meet each others' friends.

I left for Europe at the end of August (if you want to read more about my European Adventure check out my blog at and was not scheduled to return until December 23. There were no plans for anyone to visit me during my time abroad but that quickly changed after a few weeks. First Eddie found cheap tickets to Paris in late November/Early December and then I decided to shorten my trip by two weeks when I realized there was a significant risk that I might not make it home for Christmas. Eddie did visit me in Paris, where he proposed (I'll post more on that later, but if you want the long version of the story you can find it on my blog).

When I returned home in mid-December the wedding planning started immediately and it has been busy, busy, busy ever since! We are both very much looking forward to June and spending the rest of our lives together. Neither of us ever expected to find someone so great through Craigslist but thank God daily for the blessing we are to each other. We are so excited to share this special day with all of you and hope you can make it on the big day!

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